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I have worked with Shirley for one year; we started with 8 private sessions and continue by zoom because I am based in Paris. I dedicate 4-5 hours/week to the exercises and Shirley answers my questions by email.

My alignment and the way I move are transformed. My pelvis has stabilised and my upper and lower body are reconnected. As the movements are initiated from my center and performed with the right muscles, I move with ease and lightness. I have also learned to listen and trust my body and have been surprised by it’s intrinsic capacity to recreate new neural pathways.

All this, however, came as an unexpected bonus; initially I contacted Shirley with a coxarthrosis stage 4 (out of 4, French scale). I was in bone-to-bone condition and in constant pain. The femur head was unstable in the hip socket which felt like my leg was “unfastened”. All the leg muscles were disconnected and my leg could not bear any weight. Today I am pain free and can easily walk one kilometre. An amazing result considering medical doctors systematically told me I couldn’t get back on my feet without a hip replacement.” Minna Tereszkiewicz


“Shirley has been keeping me moving freely and fit since I had a back problem back a the beginning of 2019. The benefit become particularly evident when after the first lockdown in March 2020  the back problem reoccurred  since I had not been keeping up with my classes!” Spencer Sherwin FREng, FRAeS


“I cannot recommend Shirley and the Body Mindfulness Studio highly enough. I have been taking lessons with Shirley for just over a year and in that time she has completely transformed my body. I have always been very fit and active (horse riding, water skiing, cycling) but have worked around back pain since I was a teenager. Shirley has helped me to make my body work how it is supposed to work by activating muscles that I didn’t know I had and I feel the best I have felt in my life. Her lessons are interesting and challenging and are always adapted on the day to whatever suits my requirements. She is inspirational and has a wealth of knowledge. When I asked Shirley to describe what she does she told me that she gives you back the body that you had when you were eight years old and I have to say it certainly feels like it!” C.A (aged 60)


“What an Improvement! – I thought I was going to have to see the surgeon again about my pelvic prolapse, but classes with Shirley have made such a difference. I haven’t always been conscientious about my homework, so this was an unexpected result. A big thank you.”Mary G


“I have been taking classes with Shirley on a 1-2-1 basis and also group classes over the past year, and I cannot begin to tell you how much my back issues have improved. I had a disc collapse 2 years ago, and suffered a lot of back pain, particularly when I exercised, so would have to return to the physiotherapist, chiropractor and pain killers. I also tried a lot of different exercises to improve my back, like Pilates, Yoga and Water Gym, but it is only since starting with Shirley, that I can do sport and be injury free. Shirley’s knowledge is amazing, and you immediately feel in very professional hands. I feel really lucky to have met her and have recommended her to many friends.” Linette 43


“It has definitely improved my bad back problems, and much more. Most of all, I have to thank Shirley, who has guided me through this with amazing knowledge, experience and patience. I would highly recommend both the group classes and the one to ones. I would encourage anybody to try it.” Giovanna Sciangula Benedetti


“I have had a few years of yoga training and thought of joining Shirley’s classes to keep fit; I didn’t seriously think that a series of exercises could have such an impact on my whole body. I wasn’t just getting more flexible, I developed a lot of strength as well. In a short period of time, I have learnt how to use my muscles properly and breathe better. It has also made me aware of how I should stand and walk; improving my posture, which in turn has increased my confidence. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and health. Shirley is very knowledgeable, patient and willing to change a class’s structure in order to accommodate someone’s injuries or particular requests. Classes always have a great atmosphere with enjoyable music.” Natalia Fung


“At first I didn’t really want to take these lessons with Shirley. I’m a very physically active 17 year old who didn’t think stretches of any kind could do anything that would be beneficial for my physical well-being. I suffered from pain whenever I ran for long distances and as a last resort after seeing many different specialists; I decided to see if Shirley could help me in any way. She almost immediately saw that I didn’t walk, or run correctly and that the sequencing of my muscle movements was disconnected and I was inadvertently isolating my muscles and overusing them. The results I saw from having just a few classes with her were just incredible. I’ve always been a firm believer in hard work but the speed with which I saw my physical prowess increase made me realise that using your body isn’t all about hard training in the gym. Teaching your body how to work efficiently is equally as important. Despite having sorted out my leg problems a long time ago, I still continue with Shirley alongside my usual training in the gym and on the pitch because it not only enhances so many different aspects of my fitness but gives me a true insight into how well my body can perform if used correctly.” Adam Athas


“At last I have found someone who really understands how the body is put together! I am embarking on an amazing journey of discovery at every session where I learn about the connectivity between all these pieces of the jigsaw. Having been round all the houses with different exercise regimes over the years I am finally able, now in my mid-fifties, to activate my core and pelvic floor in the correct sequence to give me the stability that I have been searching for! I feel de-stressed and refreshed at the end of each session.” Tina T


“Since starting with Shirley in January I have found my core strength is better, serving my back issues and that I have improved mobility. The stretching and breathing exercises we do really help to keep my body fluid. Shirley is a true professional and her commitment to both classes and participants whatever their level shines through.” David Hur


“I have been actively involved in sports all my life with very little post exercise stretching. As I have reached a certain age I have noticed how many of my friends are now suffering from knee problems, muscle pulls, etc etc. I started classes with Shirley over 6 months ago to see if it would be beneficial. My body feels so much better, posture, toning and relaxed to mention just a few. The stretches are hard work especially after a 2 hour tennis match but I feel in control of how to stretch after exercise and how to spot any potential hazards re injury. My muscles now work in a more productive way due to the strong focus on posture and core strength. The relaxation process at the start and end of the sessions also work and I have been known to fall asleep during the final part leaving the class relaxed, stretched and feeling far more supple. Shirley is a wonderful instructor and I can highly recommend her class.”Ruth Bailey


“I have found the classes have certainly helped with lower back issues from too much golf and has improved alignment but I need to do more! It’s also great if you spend a lot of time over a computer as I do – just to be made aware of your body and the position you should be in! More focused than Pilates.” Helen H