Massage Therapy

A pioneering method of precise movements and stretching to reach optimum balance of the body

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The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Never had a deep tissue or sports massage before? Think of your first one as your body MOT. How well do you look after your car? Both, probably not often enough and both are likely to break down if we don’t look after them. Massage is a very good tool to identify problem areas, treat them and prevent further issues occurring.
Exercising, busy active lives, work postures and stress all take their toll on the body. Aware that it is often hard to find “me time”, a massage will enable you to feel better about tasks ahead and ease the pain and struggles that pain and injury can bring.

You don’t have to put up with those niggles and annoying stiff muscles, making you feel much older than you are. A deep tissue massage will help to ease those symptoms enabling better recovery of your musculoskeletal system so you perform daily functions with ease and lessening the incidence of injury and fatigue.

The frequency of treatment depends on individuals but can relate to how long you have had the issue and how your body responds. Regular massage ranges from twice a week to monthly as good protocol. But you and your therapist will discuss an appropriate treatment plan for you. A good deep tissue massage combined with a good exercise and stretching programme will really help to keep you fit, strong and pain free.

About Laura Dalby

I have a BSc in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation with an additional Level 5 Diploma in Sports Massage. This together with my 8 years of experience in the field helps me to achieve success with clients. My aim is to assist you in moving better to perform better in all areas of your life be that sports, at home or at work.

My experience working with clients extends from teenage academy athletes, amateur and professional athletes, the charity fun runner, keep fit star, the office worker and all those in between. I apply the same approach to all individuals aiming to give them the best outcome.

My passion for soft tissue therapy stems from the very rewarding results I see from every client – be that immediate pain or tension release, injury recovery, or maintaining a well oiled body. We all need to look after ourselves as we lead busy lives and I have great satisfaction in helping clients feel and move better.

Shirley and I look forward to working together and helping you get the best from your body. Our Introductory offer of £10 off your first 60 minute massage (normally £70) is available throughout 2019.

I am available by appointment, please e-mail Shirley to check availability