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“To heal your body and improve its performance it is necessary to build a good understanding and awareness of your body – from where your muscles are, to your posture, body position, and your sense of equilibrium.”

Shirley Ruetimann is Method Putkisto trained, and has developed Nordic Body Kinetics to help you create a deep awareness and understanding of your body. She uses a combination of movement and precise exercises, which focus on deep core strengthening, stretching and breathing, to retrain your neuromuscular memory.

Building body awareness in the physical sense means you can achieve results and progress your body and your sport in much less time. In the wider sense it allows you to be in control of your body and understand how to use forces such as gravity to your benefit.

Our target is overall balance of your body and many studio clients combine 1:1 sessions with group classes. We often have good intentions, but it is easy to put off exercising when you are your sole source of motivation. By joining a group body class you’ll benefit from the support of others; it can help you go beyond your comfort zone, but more than that, can contribute to your mental and emotional quality of life.

A typical class has parts designed to get your heart pumping, others to strengthening your core and reshaping your entire body without building bulky muscles. We always end with relaxation so that you leave energised with a deep sense of calm that follows time to breathe, focus mindfully and destress.