Balance & Mindfulness

Is what is lacking in our fast paced modern lives, particularly for those of us living in an urban environment. That pace extends into and even fragments our leisure time, because even there we are encouraged to jump from one complex challenge to the next. Even sleep is fragmented, and a whole industry has arisen in order to help us rediscover how to sleep or recover from fragmented sleep.

It is my belief that this pace combined with the constant requirement for attention and focus at all times slowly, but steadily, depletes our energy until there is a disconnect between our inner selves and our bodies.

Method Putkisto aims to restore that balance through a practice that is unique, mindful, holistic and totally natural. The classes are fun, and incorporate deep breathing, strengthening, stretching, and mobilising joints. You’ll benefit from greater freedom of movement, better posture and an increased feeling of wellbeing. Contact me by email or call 07767 686 010 to find our more about group classes and 1-2-1 sessions in my studio in Putney.

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Shirley is a dedicated, skillful – and patient – Method Putkisto Instructor. She has a deep understanding of the body and its potential - and uses the MP Method in a creative way. I can warmly recommend Shirley's sessions! - Marja Putkisto, founder of the Method Putkisto