Nordic Body Kinetics is a precise exercise method of mindful movement, stretching, core strengthening
& breathing that builds deep body awareness & functionality.

Balance & Mindfulness

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Shirley Ruetimann created Body Mindfulness Studio to provide effective caring tuition of Nordic Body Kinetics and Gyrotonic® Method in a calm, friendly environment.

Her custom designed studio in Putney, SW London is focused on improving posture, core stability and flexibility for all ages and levels of fitness. Precise exercises combined with functional breath work make possible sustainable changes in body awareness leading to gains in functionality.

Whether you want to reduce pain, decrease stiffness, increase mobility or improve your sport performance, she has a tailored solution to address the cause rather than the symptoms of injury or dysfunction.

Covid-19 Update (4 January 2022)

It is important that you feel safe and comfortable in the studio. If there is anything Shirley can do to meet your individual needs, please do not hesitate to email, or call.
Please do not come to the studio if you, or anyone you live with is exhibiting any signs of poor health. Notice of COVID symptoms will waive our cancellation policy.
  • Lateral Flow/Rapid Antigen Test: please carry out a test on the morning of your appointment and only attend if the result is negative
  • Face Masks: Please arrive wearing a face mask on entry to the building. Shirley will also wear a face mask
  • Dress Code: Please arrive in/bring a fresh set of exercise clothing and socks. Leave your shoes outside the studio in the designated place
  • Hand Washing: Is required on arrival
  • Hand Sanitiser: Is available at the entrance to the studio
  • Equipment: Is cleaned after each client
  • Hands On Assistance: Is available by mutual agreement
  • Only 1:1 classes are being offered in the studio
  • Appointment times are staggered to allow for cleaning and reduce client interaction in the entrance. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Walking Classes take place on Wimbledon Common or Richmond Park by appointment

My alignment and the way I move are transformed. My pelvis has stabilised and my upper and lower body are reconnected. As the movements are initiated from my centre and performed with the right muscles, I move with ease and lightness. I have also learned to listen and trust my body and have been surprised by its intrinsic capacity to recreate new neural pathways.

Minna Tereszkiewicz

Pilates Instructor

“Shirley has been keeping me moving freely and fit since I had a back problem back a the beginning of 2019. The benefit become particularly evident when after the first lockdown in March 2020 the back problem reoccurred since I had not been keeping up with my NBK!"!”

Spencer J Sherwin FREng FRAeS

Head of Aerodynamics Section, Director of Research Computing Service, Professor of Computational Fluid Mechanics, Imperial College London

I first came to see Shirley due to RSI in my fingers and she's worked a programme that relooks at my posture, habits (good and bad) to retrain my body to work in a more economical way so that no one part will strain again.

Angela F


Shirley is incredible. She really knows her stuff. Every session I feel lifted and empowered ..she's helped me recover from injury, and maintain a healthful relationship with my body.

Leonie B


After years of muscle pain, physiotherapy and chiropractic "fixes", I finally found someone who can help me fix myself.

Federico G


I had a disc collapse 2 years ago.. lots of pain.. many repeated visits to the physio & chiro. I tried Pilates, Yoga, Water Gym and more to improve my back, but only since starting with Shirley can I do sport and be injury free. I feel lucky to have met her and have recommended her to many friends.

Linette P (Age 43)

What an improvement! - I thought I was going to have to see the surgeon again about my pelvic prolapse. I haven't always been conscientious about my homework, so this was an unexpected result. A big thank you.

Mary G


My body feels nurtured and understood; more mobile than it has been for a long time. Shirley has a deep knowledge of the body, a keen eye and attention to detail. She skilfully connected me from top to toe, using movement, breath, and specific exercises.

Lynn Rae

Facial Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist

My first 1:1 with Shirley - I learnt a lot of new movements to help with my balance, breathing and maintaining good posture. The relaxation at the end of the class was just wonderful. Really enjoyed every minute as well as a noticeable difference when walking out of the studio.

Doreen Fishwick


Every class is different, challenging and engaging. Shirley is not only helping me with specific problem areas, but continues to help me improve with all aspects of body mindfulness. There is always more to learn and attempt! Today's class was incredibly specific, focused and intense in such a positive way!... so worth it!

Julianne White

At last I've found someone who really understands how the body is put together! I am embarking on a journey of discovery at every session... Having been round the houses with different exercise regimes, now in my mid-fifties, I am finally able to activate my core and pelvic floor to give me the stability I have been searching for! I feel de-stressed and refreshed after each session.

Tina T

I have been taking lessons with Shirley for just over a year ...she has completely transformed my body. Shirley has helped me make my body work by activating muscles I didn't know I had and I feel the best I have felt in my life.

CA (Aged 60)


I'm a physically fit, active 17 year old who didn't think stretches of any kind could be beneficial to my physical wellbeing. I suffered pain after running long distances & decided to see if Shirley could help me. She quickly indentified ... and the results I saw after just a few classes were just incredible..I continue with Shirley alongside my training in the gym and on the pitch.

Adam A