Balance & Mindfulness

In our fast paced lives, particularly for those living in an urban environment, we lack balance and mindfulness. That pace fragments our time as we are encouraged to jump from one complex challenge to the next. Sleep is often fragmented too.

It is my belief that this pace combined with the constant requirement for attention and focus at all times, slowly but steadily, depletes our energy until there is a disconnect between our inner selves and our bodies.

Nordic Body Kinetics aims to restore that balance through a practice that is unique, mindful, holistic and totally natural.

Our classes are fun, and incorporate  movement, functional breathing, deep core strengthening and dynamic stretching.

You will benefit from greater freedom of movement, better posture and an increased feeling of wellbeing.

Please contact me by email or call me 07767 686 010 to find out more about group classes, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions in my custom designed studio in South West London.

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