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General Questions

Shirley Ruetimann answers your questions about the benefits of practicing Nordic Body Kinetics

I have always exercised, and tried various methods from aerobics, yoga, pilates to going to the gym. In 2007, following bilateral knee surgery, I discovered Method Putkisto, which has a great reputation for rehabilitation.  It totally transformed my body and gave me balance and functionality, in a way no other form of exercise had. As a result I went on to train as an instructor for both Body and 3D Face, Neck & Shoulder Clinic. In 2018, I started exploring the Gyrotonic® Method, and am a certified trainer. All these experiences with movement as well as my engineering background  have contributed to the development of Nordic Body Kinetics.

My studio in South West London opened in 2017. Prior to that I was teaching clients in their homes and travelling to different venue across SW London. Nordic Body Kinetics has developed over many years as a result of my unique and mindful approach to Bodywork. I am grateful to my clients for their trust, time and willingness to experience and further develop this approach. Without them, it would not have been possible.

There are numerous benefits deriving from Nordic Body Kinetics and people will come to it for different reasons. It can be tailored to suit everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness. Everyone can benefit from working on their body in a mindful way; it is never too early or late to get to know and change your body. My youngest client is 6 years old, my oldest 86.

Clients report great physical and psychological results including:-

  • Improved Proprioception
  • A Strong Responsive Core
  • Improved Flexibility and Co-ordination
  • Improved Posture and Alignment
  • Feeling of Well-Being with Increased Energy Levels

Nordic Body Kinetics is much more than an exercise class, if you incorporate it into your life, the results can be far-reaching and long-lasting.

Yes! Nordic Body Kinetics complements other training methods and sports. I would go further and say it enables you to get more from your chosen sports.

I offer 1:1 classes at intervals to suit the client and how much time they have for practice at home.

Working on a 1:1 basis means every class is tailored to the client. They could be recovering from injury, looking for ways to prevent re-injury; improve their performance in sport or solve specific issues such as chronic back-pain or pelvic floor dysfunction. Whatever their reason for seeking me out I focus on their needs, their goals.

Everyone is different – the more you practice, the quicker you see results. However, I would say everyone leaves the first session having learnt something about their body and feeling different. I encourage clients to review their progress by discussing events/changes that happen between sessions at the start of each session. This helps us to track progress and make changes as required.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely; No trainers are required. We work in yoga socks.

Nordic Body Kinetics caters to all fitness levels and ages. There is no need to worry about being fit enough to start. In fact you may be surprised by how much you can do.

No, flexibility comes with movement and the best way to start feeling flexible is to move.

Nordic Body Kinetics is excellent for rehabilitation after surgery, injury or illness. It is a safe form of exercise, that allows you to work within your limits to ensure a smooth transition into recovery and health.

The first step for a complete beginner is to give me a call, have a chat about what they would like to achieve. Next we arrange an appointment for postural assessment and introduce how we work; This is essentially a taster session to enable each client to discover Nordic Body Kinetics through the unique lens of their body.

Mostly, I teach in my custom designed studio in Putney, South West London. I also teach outdoor classes (with or without poles) on Wimbledon Common or in Richmond Park.