Many people struggle with inflexibility and diminished range of movement in their joints, especially as they age*. It is generally accepted that stretching is an important part of any fitness and exercise program, so why is it often the most overlooked or poorly executed part of such a program?

Recent conflicting studies about the benefits of stretching have confused the ‘to-stretch or not-to-stretch and when-to-stretch” debate, but as somebody who teaches Method Putkisto, an exercise method which incorporates several types of stretching and strengthening, I think it is important to highlight the positive results that I see in the large variety of bodies and their owners’ lifestyles until more research is done.

Your focus may be on building strength, or you may prefer to regularly change your exercise regime, experimenting with whatever is ‘new”. However, before you invest a lot of time and money in the search for eternal youth, consider this; one of the most effective, inexpensive and non-invasive ways to look and feel younger is to perform daily stretches that keep the spine mobile; that lengthen the postural muscles to help sustain a tall, lifted posture; and that maintain a healthy range of motion in the joints.

There are many reasons to stretch, but my top 3 would be :-

I am often asked if it is possible aged 50+ with over tight hips (for instance) to restore agility, strength, power and balance. Emphatically, yes, but keep the following principles in mind:-

* Young people, especially sporty ones, can also struggle with the same issues.
** conclusions of a number of studies in this area vary. What follows is my opinion.