Benefits of Stretching at Work/Workstation Stretches

In previous blogs I have mentioned how sitting creates compression in the spine, increasing pressure on the discs and shortening the pelvic muscles.

Stretching throughout your work day will help you avoid injury to your low back, shoulders, knees, elbows and wrists, reduce your stress levels and potentially increase your productivity.

Often clients are self-conscious about stretching at work, but consider the importance of maintaining

of your tissues, to enhance your

and you just might feel the odd side-glance is worth it. Who knows you might start a new wave of body awareness in your office.

Although the main areas to focus on are

you should bear in mind your entire body is a functional unit and you should strive to relieve workplace stress from your whole body.

Taking Breaks

In addition to stretching taking regular breaks is important for your eyes as well as your mind and body.

Recently, I’ve been developing a programme of exercises for the elderly at risk of falls. However, many of the exercises would benefit the office-working population.

and last, but not least