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Free to Move – Fit to Shoot ( A Unique Programme for Shooters)

As a shooter I am very aware of the demands our sport places on the body. I have met shooters so afflicted with neck and shoulder damage that they require surgery or worse have to give up the sport they love. Although tales of being unable to put on shooting stockings without assistance due to lower back stiffness or struggling to remove a sweater because recoil has rendered the wearer unable to lift their arms are a humorous part of shoot day chatter, they are also indicative of the chronic effects of our one sided sport.

Jokes aside, the effects of recoil are cumulative and cannot be underestimated. This video clip of John Heagren ( Bisley Shooting Ground Shooting Manager) clearly demonstrates the forces our bodies are subjected to when we pull the trigger. Think about how many cartridges you shoot on an average day and multiply that by days annually and the number of years you’ve been shooting. Now you have an estimate of how much recoil is stored in your body.

Olympic shooters have dedicated training regimes aimed at increasing aerobic fitness, developing core strength and sport-specific muscle toning. Whilst most of us don’t require such a rigorous regime, what is required to perform well in the field?

What You Can Do?

As a Method Putkisto instructor and shooter, I am uniquely placed with an understanding of how imbalances in the body need to be addressed on many levels – including mind, bio-mechanical and physiological. Free to Move-Fit to Shoot is a 12 Week Programme designed to address the effects of recoil and help you hone the skills required to perform in the field.