The Importance of Working Safely (Part 2)

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The Importance of Working Safely (Part 2)

Injuries can happen anytime – getting out of bed, walking along the pavement, even standing still, but are more likely when exercising. This blog is a continuation on the importance of working safely. If you missed Part 1, you can retrieve it from the archived blogs.

One thing that is worth noting is that many injuries develop gradually over years, and can be due to over-use, over-stretching and/or mis-alignment.

In class I am there is to guide, supervise and assist; home practice is very beneficial, and following a few basic guidelines will help you stay injury free.

  • Warm Up – this is important prior to any physical activity. Basic breathing, stretching and mobilisations help prepare your body for more challenging stuff. Don’t forget to give your mind a chance to join you.
  • Slowly does it – give yourself and your body time, move slowly, the process is as important as the end goal.
  • Be Patient – it can be tempting to rush into big movements/stretches, but pushing your body before it is ready is a recipe for injury. Just because you’ve always wanted to touch your forehead with your big toe doesn’t mean you should or will ever be able to.
  • Listen to your body – be sensitive to any tightness or strain. Just because you did a stretch or movement yesterday, doesn’t mean your body will be able to do it today.

6  Important Watch-points

  • Be aware of your alignment
  • Stabilise in every exercise – use your core
  • Breathe!
  • Avoid pressing/flattening your back into the mat; instead work with a neutral spine (maintaining the natural curvature of the spine). This allows your muscles to support your spine and avoids compression on your discs.
  • Cool down
  • Replace fluids and energy – drink water and eat a light snack after exercising

Apply a common-sense rule – stay in tune with your body and don’t over do it.


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