If you are looking for the next phase of your wellness journey, or are experiencing back, neck, and muscular-skeletal problems due to poor posture or stress, the Gyrotonic Method might be the solution for you. This three dimensional exercise system, predominantly uses a machine called the Pulley Tower Combination Unit. Designed with rotational discs and weighted pulleys it allows the user to strengthen and stretch simultaneously through spiralling, circular and undulating movements paired with corresponding breathing patterns. If you have heard of this and want to know more, here are the top 10 benefits of Gyrotonic Method.

1. It Releases Tension in the Body

Imbalances in our body is often reflected in our posture, and we can carry that as tension in many different parts of our body. The body is designed to work as one harmonious system, and Gyrotonic equipment supports natural movement patterns, so you start to carry yourself with less tension.

2. It Mobilises the Spine

Sedentary jobs and poor movement patterns, result in limited movement. By incorporating the Gyrotonic Method in a workout routine you can free your joints, decompress and mobilise your spine, increasing flexibility so you can enjoy a wider range of movement.

3. It Revitalises Natural Energy

Ensuring that you breathe correctly is a key part of working with Gyrotonic equipment. Holding your breath can raise your blood pressure, and leave you feeling depleted. Gyrotonic movement patterns encourage you to breathe throughout your range of motion, which works to revitalise your natural energy by oxygenating your body, boosting circulation and

stimulating the nervous system.

4. You Can Develop Amazing Core Strength

A strong core is so important to how we carry ourselves. A weakened core means we contort our posture to compensate, which can lead to joint and back problems. Gyrotonic exercises focus on the core, ensuring it provides a stable foundation for you to conduct all of the exercises and carry yourself upright with strength and stability.

5. It Increases Your Range of Motion

Our range of motion is so important, particularly as we get older. Not being able to touch your toes or get out of a chair without grunting and groaning can be some of the early signs that our physicality is not what it was! Practising Gyrotonic exercises to increase your range of motion means you will feel at ease in your body; that freedom of movement transfers to all areas of your life. Whether you just want to walk more or improve your personal best in the gym, having an increased range of motion is so vital to your physical ability in later life.

6. It Develops Body Alignment Awareness

Practices like yoga and the Alexander technique focus on posture as the foundation to everything. But posture is not a static state. Gyrotonic exercises work the neuromuscular, cardiovascular and skeletal systems and acts as a lens through which we can realise how limited our movement is. Working with our bodies in this way increases awareness and understanding of how our bodies are meant to move.

7. It Increases Bone Strength and Density

As we get older, we start to lose bone density. After the age of 30, our bone mass stops increasing, so to prevent this loss and decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis later in life, having a solid exercise regime that increases our bone strength and density is crucial for maintaining our health. Because of the dynamic nature of Gyrotonic exercises, you are working your body in a stimulating way. Similar to weightlifting, Gyrotonic exercises can stimulate bone growth, because it provides that all-important signal to your body, that it’s time to grow stronger to meet the demands placed upon it. The more effective the stimulus, the better the results.

8. It Prevents Injury

The natural movements associated with the Gyrotonic Method means you are unlikely to injure yourself in the process. Similar to practices like Pilates and yoga, the focus of Gyrotonic exercises is co-ordinated and controlled movements throughout your range of motion. Because injuries in a gym environment stem from improper form, the focus on giving your body a fluid range of motion while focusing on the movement (rather than isolating a muscle or generating a certain number of repetitions) means that you will have a workout that reduces the risk of injury, but still puts you through your paces.

9. It Increases Your Energy Levels

Gyrotonic exercises naturally increase the circulation of the blood and stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluids which promotes the removal of internal waste. As a result, you feel an increased sense of wellbeing and energy. The goal of Gyrotonic Method is to re-educate and invigorate the body so it can move freely with fluidity, and relaxation. Because of the range of movements involved with Gyrotonic exercises, you inevitably feel more energised after a session, and you can also expect improved focus and relaxation as a very handy by-product!

10. It Could Make You Feel Like a Whole New You!

The combination of dynamic movements, breathing practices, and the numerous mental benefits associated with practicing the Gyrotonic Method could make you feel like a completely different person.

Many people have issues with their joints or back and, as a result, stay away from any fitness-related environments.

Gyrotonic equipment creates a supportive environment so that you can strengthen your movement and this makes all the difference, not only your physical health but your mental health as well!

There’s more to exercise than just getting strong. If you are looking for a method that puts a demand on your body, yields results, and actually sets you up for a happier life, the Gyrotonic Method could be what you are looking for.

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