Why Choose Nordic Body Kinetics

A pioneering method of precise movements and stretching to reach optimum balance of the body

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Start your body mindfulness journey with a programme specially designed for you.

Nordic Body Kinetics is an innovative and precise exercise method incorporating mindful movement, stretching, core strengthening and breathing to build a deep body awareness that enables you to respond to your body’s feedback and challenges.

Muscle tightness and shortness may be your issue, or the converse, laxity. You may want to improve your posture and alignment, move more freely or just have the sense you are disconnected from your body.

If you’re reading this and are looking for answers, we can help. Our key focus is improving functionality, to achieve overall balance in your body and improve its performance and wellbeing. Our approach is highly personalised, caring and focused on your personal goals.

Nordic Body Kinetics is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are an elite athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or recovering from injury, you can participate according to your body’s needs and boundaries.

How does Nordic Body Kinetics work?

Our unique approach supports YOU in

  • building a deep body awareness
  • building deep core strength
  • working on core stability
  • encouraging you to visualise, focus, feel and recognise the position, orientation and movement of your body
  • sense and respond to your body’s feedback signals

How does Nordic Body Kinetics differ from Yoga and Pilates?

Nordic Body Kinetics incorporates elements of all the movement systems its founder Shirley Ruetimann has explored, including yoga and pilates. It aims to mindfully and systematically work on the skills and abilities that enable you to move well and freely.

  • Nordic Body Kinetics focuses on your body as a functional whole
  • It is very precise, yet holistic, working on an interactive level enabling you to know how to listen to your body
  • It is the foundation that can help you achieve the full benefit from your favourite sport